You're going to give some random person on the internet money, and they're going to take it and go buy stuff with it ...hey, wait, is this another Useless Ethereum Token copycat? Definitely not. The "some random person" part maybe partly true but it is far from being useless. A community-voted product will be built on top it after the initial token sale. In fact, GREED is the world's first "sell now, innovate later" ICO.

Please DON'T BUY THESE TOKENS if you're not greedy (or charitable maybe). Beside from it having big potential, generous bonuses and airdrops (i.e. up to 1000x bonus, the world's biggest ICO bonus), you'll be helping out a jobless and soon-to-be homeless developer.

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The world's first "sell now, innovate later" ICO, powered purely by GREED.

An initial token sale will be conducted with a very generous bonus scheme, in fact the world's highest ICO bonus (up to 1000x bonus), and there will be airdrops, every month for 5 months, of 35% of whatever balance token holders have (See Token Sale Terms). This will make token holders hold on to their tokens thus preventing dumping and will stimulate interest in the token.

Product suggestions for the token will also be solicited from the crypto community and will be voted upon by token holders. After the product is determined, a team for the project will be solicited also from the community, recruited and finalised.

Then, a second and a more formal token sale will be conducted with whitepaper, MVP, and a strong team to develop the product. Thereby, increasing the token price further.

Being a jobless and soon-to-be homeless developer, doing this ICO is like shooting two birds in one stone. I will be able to solicit enough money for my mortgage and become employed again by establishing my own company!

I don't want to reveal my identity yet because I also have a reputation to protect. I don't want my family, friends and former colleagues to know that I'm basically begging, because eventhough I am currently down, I would like to prove that I am still capable of doing great things.

Once the intial token sale is successful, I will reveal my identity.

By the way, I am a BS Mathematics, cum laude, with many years of development experience in payments and finance. But due to unforeseen circumstances, I am now jobless and soon-to-be homeless, if I don't get to pay my mortgage.

So, please help both me and my token get a place we can call home before Christmas. If you are not feeling charitable, you can still help out by being greedy.

Based on the token sale terms, I can only raise around 400-700 ETHs because of the big bonuses I am giving away. I am not a greedy person by nature, I am just a needy one. As I mentioned before, part of it will go to my mortgage payment. But most of it will be used to run a second and more decent token sale with all the bells and whistles once a product has been chosen.

If Useless Ethereum Token (UET) succeeded with nothing, nothing is impossible. I believe I am giving GREED token holders a better deal, in fact better than all other ICO scams out there.

Unlike UET's price which is now almost useless after 4 months, I am anticipating stable increase in token price because GREED token holders will hold on to their tokens for the coming airdrops and even after the airdrops because by then the token will already have a product and a team. Imagine, a token, with no product and with near zero value later having a viable product on top of it, is definitely a good buy. If the initial token sale succeeds, the second token sale will also definitely succeed.

Of course I definitely I will be listing GREED token in major exchanges, after the token sale. Otherwise my founder's share value will be nothing after a year (See Vesting Schedule).

Since there's no product yet for the initial ICO, there will be no whitepaper. But after the winning product is announced, white paper of the product will be produced immediately afterwards. (See Roadmap)

Initially it's just me just relying on the power of greed and, ironically, charity. Additional founders, team members, and advisors will be recruited after the first ICO sale, right after a product is selected.

It's the Orange Lantern Power Ring (in Green Lantern DC Comics) powered by the greed of whoever use it, rotated 61% degrees clockwise to form a centered G-shaped (as in greed) Pacman (another symbol of greed). moving onwards and upwards.

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  • Token Distribution

    Token Sale Terms

    Total token supply is 3.14 Billion, with the following breakdown:

    • 10% Initial Token Sale
    • 35% Airdrops (Airdrops of 35% for 5 consecutive months)
    • 40% Future Product Token Sale
    • 5% Bounty/Community Pool
    • 8% Future Founders/Advisor Share
    • 2% Founder's Share

    314 Million GREEDs will be available for purchase at the initial token sale on an easy to remember date. Sale starts on 2017/11/11 @ 11:11:11 am (UTC) and ends 2017/12/12 @ 12:12:12 pm (UTC) or until all GREED tokens are sold, whichever comes first. All unsold tokens will be sent and added to Second Token Sale Beneficiary Address (See Vesting Schedule). Purchase method is ETH only.

    For every 1 ETH you contribute at the GREED token contract address 0xbc9395973bd35a3b4bd924f050d2778c07506ecb, you'll receive 700 GREEDS. And if you contribute at least 0.05 ETH, the number of tokens will be multiplied by the current bonus multiplier. Bonus multiplier starts at 1000 and will be reduced by the total number of ETHs contributed as illustrated below:

    # ETHs Sent x GREEDs/ETH x Bonus (1000 - Total ETHs Contributed) = GREEDs Received
    1 2 x 700 x 1000 - 0 (i.e. 1000) = 1400000
    2 1 x 700 x 1000 - 2 (i.e. 998) = 698600
    3 1 x 700 x 1000 - 3 (i.e. 997) = 697900
    4 0.04 x 700 x 1 (i.e. < 0.05 ETH, No bonus) = 28
    5 0.05 x 700 x 1000 - 4.04 (i.e. 995.96) = 34858.6

    This bonus calculation scheme improves on UET's limitation of repeatedly sending minimum transactions (plus redundant transaction gas) to get the maximum bonus. With this scheme, you don't need to send transactions repeatedly, instead you can send the actual amount you want to contribute and get the same effect of maximising the bonus plus saving you on transaction costs. But you have to be an early bird though, otherwise you lose out on bonus points.

    Vesting Schedule

    A Trustee smart contract was created to handle the vesting of tokens for the different stages of the project. The Trustee Contract Address is at 0xfbadbf0a1296d2da94e59d76107c61581d393196. Below are the grants and vesting schedule of the grants.

    Grant Beneficiary Grant Date Cliff Duration Tokens Vested Revocable
    First Airdrop 0x559a7584a32353a527a644ccff543a2a72206520 11/11/2017 2 Months 2 months 3.5% No
    Second Airdrop 0xffeb93ab1ed92ff89725e0b15ec615e01f39f07f 11/11/2017 3 months 3 months 4.725% No
    Third Airdrop 0x1a600d92949055bcd79ea63ce95c76af9993c02e 11/11/2017 4 months 4 months 6.37875% No
    Fourth Airdrop 0xc11b9b76d4a30285c246c884a723298e1eea208e 11/11/2017 5 months 5 months 8.6113125% No
    Fifth Airdrop 0x7c793310d4a37941d7876bf60a0aa3f294949f61 11/11/2017 6 months 6 months 11.7849375% No
    Second Token Sale 0xf1e5c82c9265865bb4106b54b87d496fc71dcb4e 12/12/2017 7 months 7 months 40% No
    Bounty/Community Pool 0xb9465ba038f053b11df83f72ffcba4955a174fe3 11/11/2017 1 month 1 month 5% No
    Future Founders' Share 0x2fe9ed5cdea272f76051a0ea219d7312bb7d7c9d 03/14/2018 1 Year 2 Years 8% Yes
    Original Founder's Share 0x07b79915beeda509debf070fb6d72db33443f96e 11/11/2017 1 Year 2 Years 2% Yes


    11th Nov 2017

    Initial token sale
    Product Solicitation

    Dec 2017

    End of token sale
    Top 10 solicited products chosen

    Jan 2018

    First airdrop
    Product Voting

    Feb 2018

    Second airdrop
    Voted Product Announcement
    Team Solicitation/Recruitment
    POC/MVP Development

    Mar 2018

    Third Airdrop
    Final Team Announcement

    Apr 2018

    Fourth Airdrop
    POC/MVP Launch
    Second ICO Announcement
    ICO Campaign

    May 2018

    Fifth Airdrop
    ICO Campaign

    June 2018

    Start of Second Token Sale

    Aug 2018

    Second Token Sale Finished

    Roadmap for the voted product will be announced during the Second ICO campaign


    Let's face it, we all have the tendency to be greedy. It's a natural human behavior.
    It's a personality trait brought about by a particular situation. It is designed in our
    brain. The prospect of a very high profit triggers our brain centers related to reward
    and acceptance. And the anticipation of profit is very pleasant and people get a natural high.

    Evolution has also programmed us to be greedy since greed makes us discontented,
    which in turn keeps us motivated and itchy for change. Without greed, therefore, our current
    economic and social structures would collapse. Greed produces preferable economic outcomes
    most times and under most conditions.

    So in essence, greed is a virtue and is a good thing.